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a piece of myself

asylum's crypt

"my life is black and white, it's either very good or very shit." - daniel johns
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i take pride in staying away from all forms of alcohol and drugs. i do not hate anyone that drinks alcohol in moderation, but i do think lower of those who indulge in alcohol for 'social reasons', drunkeness, and drug use. this for me is a healthy choice and i am proud to have chosen it. i'm not going to push my beliefs on you, unless you ask. i don't do this to piss you off, or offend you. i do this because it's right for me. i don’t take kindly to playing second fiddle to your joint, so don't bother asking me to. pot has been chosen over me many times before and i'm not taking the chance to let history repeat itself.

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"...it's about "being contained through violence, being scared to be yourself because you don't want to get attacked, it's about people punishing your self-esteem and just making you scared to be yourself for fighting against it..."

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