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dudesy - this is rany... can i add you?

im a guelph student jus sayin yo for the add thing

user; kidkut

Hey remember me - I am Megan I met you in January at the after party for the one acts - you tried to make me dance but I was intirely too shy - well anyhow add me if you want to

add me! i'm from the uog community

It's me Diana, we met at the Faeredelune Fashion Show as we were both in it. Wanna add me?

hey its aimee
add me,
you know you wanna ;)

from the uog community, in the mood for new lj friends. you in? :)

lj: trombone

And you know me too!!!! Add me baby!

Dont know if you remember me but HELLO!

Someone should add me as a friend

AND WE NEED TO HANG SOON!!!! (after the BBQ)

saw you on torontogoth and thought I'd add you...


adddddd meeeeeee back. :)

how did you make your page friends only? i really need to do that could you help me?

hey it's shannon from myspace.
lol that's a lame sentence but anyways. i added you!

Hey Missy

Carrie here! The one in white at Missys party! Just wondering if it was ok to add you to my LJ!
It was nice to meet you!

I saw your post in darkangel533's LJ comments. My first thought was "I didn't know she had an LJ". So I clicked on you to see how long I've been overlooking you. After seeing how recently you've joined, my next thought was WOW I can't believe no one took that name yet.

BTW that's a great picture of you.

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